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Not only does DECOPRINT possess modern, environmentally friendly and energy-saving production plants, DECOPRINT also checks on the sustainability whilst selecting the raw materials. In Germany, strict standards are applied for paper, printing colors and other raw materials.

DECOPRINT uses eco-friendly and foodsafe water-based inks. In addition, only FSC certified tissue is used for the printing process. Thus we are sure that the raw materials used for the production of our products are not made from tropical wood or any other protected wood.

Where paper is essential, there are only two environmental labels you can rely on:


Together we will follow the green way!




The FSC® certification is an international certification which stands for the forest management and guarantees that wood and paper products are produced from sustained forests. Forest cultivation must be observed and environmental and social standards must be adhered to.

At the beginning of 2008, DECOPRINT underwent the strict standards of the product chain certification and the subsequent results of the yearly monitored audits.









In recent years we have invested in new energy-conserving and energy-saving production plants enabling us to progressively meet the growing demand for tissue products in an environmental friendly way.

The latest production line consists of an innovative napkin printing and packaging machine. In this context, existing production plants were expanded by new machine units. The highly powered printing machine installed in June 2011 is characterized by a newly developed automatic setup from which an even better product result and, at the same time, higher performance and lower power consumption is achieved. Thus, the newly developed hybrid infrared drying system has a 20 % lower energy consumption at the same production rate. This is made possible by a combination of medium wave and short wave radiation in the drying process.

Further investments are planned for the coming years.

If you don't go forwards you go backwards!







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